Belize Lodging | Tropical Education Center

I am sitting in this lovely cottage at the Tropical Education Center across the street from the Belize Zoo. It is dawn and I am listening to the 'whoop-da-doos'. They are calling to each other, back and forth across the swamp. The one from afar says, "Hey, whoop-da-doo, whoop-da-do." Then the one that is close answers. I hear a truck on the road. Now I know where the road is.

You get to the cabin by walking a boardwalk over a swamp pond. The cabin is on stilts and the porch of the cabin overhangs the swamp. Two alligators live here and one batch of babies. (Ray told us.)

Ray is the caretaker of the cottages and restaurant at the Tropical Education Center. Last night he picked us up at the Zoo, drove across the street and 1 km back through scruffy land to the swamp pond that is our home for the day.

Well, the turtles finally got up and came over to stick their heads up and look at us. They were watching us all evening, then went back into the swamp bush for the night.

The looper/swooper birds are up. They have a yellow belly and will leave their branch to make a loop up into the air, then re land on the same branch.

I heard the kazoo bird but cannot see it. Now all the birds are up, the clacker, twiddler, the whoop-da-doo and looper-swooper in a cacophony of avian music.

What a nice way to start our Belize adventure.

Two story building
Traveler on walkway to cabin, holding 4 beers
Comfy seat on screened in porch
Pond with lush foliage in every color of green
Large carved wooden warrior head
Table with colorful cloth and flowers