Belize City | Belize

Belize City, Belize offers old world charm. Locals refer to Belize City as just "Belize", which often confuses new travelers.

The city proper has an old world colonial feel to it. You see painted wrought iron railings, archways and everything is just a bit tattered but with a fresh coat of paint.

In the heart of town is the only working swing bridge of its kind in the world. It is manually opened twice a day to let the boats pass.

There are small shops which line the road by the bridge and here you will meet Ras Naphty who, with his wife, Sis Fahima runs the shop Rasta Connection. Their family spins, sews, knits and weaves to make rasta goods for travelers.

Experiencing the city goes very well with a most perfect Belikin beer!

Colorfully painted caricature looking shops.
Courthouse with arched construction and lacey ironwork railing on its balcony.
Boats in the marina
Flag sign saying Rasta Connection with a map of Africa in red, green and gold
Rasts in front of his shop in Belize City
Beer truck with a caribbean sceen says Belikin, perfect!