Belize Zoo

"Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo."

Belize Zoo keeps only animals that are orphaned, injured, born in the zoo or received as gifts from other zoos.  They keep the environment as natural as possible.  Each animal has its own shady jungle home.

The zoo concentrates on conservation and education of Belizians (especially children) on native animals and their environmental needs.

You can stroll the zoo in a couple of hours, so it can be a quick stop on a journey across country.  It is on the bus route on the Western Highway.

Hand painted sign quotes Gandi
Close up of bird feet
close up of parrot head
Puma resting
Small cat grooming himself
close up of tapir with his nose in the air
large wood stork in jungle setting


This is the reason of being an inspiring and greatest personality! As much we can think widely we can realize the reality intensely but we don't do that. To survive in a better way and for longtime we have to be concern about our surroundings as well as our own existence otherwise we have to suffer a lot in future. So, let’s follow the say of honorable Gandi and try to save the biodiversity along ourselves. Thanks!

though they are considered is incomparable to humans, and it may considered as human consumptions but let's not be cruel to animals. let us try not to cage the animals that are in the wilderness. let the birds fly in vast forest and not settle them in the cage just to be look upon.