Belize Travels (Country Belize, Area Stann Creek District, City Dangriga)

Anne & Ben's Trip Report


After that we headed down here to Belize and after 13 hours on several buses made it down here.  The differences from Mexico were apparent.  We switched languages, from Spanish to English.  And it seems like there is more poverty here, at least compared to the Yucatan.  The buses are older, a lot of the buildings more run down, the people not dressed as nicely, but in a way the people are friendlier here.  I think that the people in the Yucatan are just tired of the tourists and have seen their share of obnoxious ones. 

Anyway, a funny coincidence.  We were coming down
here to meet with the family we stayed with and went into the jungle with the last time we were here and also their sister and brother in law who have a hotel in town.  On the bus on the last leg before we got here we met Oncell, the father of the family we stayed with.  We got to talk with him and set some things up for our visit.  We made it to the hotel, which is still in progress but coming along and it's really beautiful.  Phil, the owner, and his wife and daughters are really nice and we've been spending a
lot of time with them.  Yesterday we went out to the country to visit with Oncell and Soley and their kids, who went stayed with last year.  They are doing good and it was so nice to see them.  They have a new baby, making it their fifth child and all boys. 

We had a really great visit and went out into the jungle on some newly cleared trails to a beautiful waterfall. Saw jaguar and tapir (mountain cow) tracks on the way.  On the way back to the house we saw some toucans flying low in the sky.  We tried lots of new fruits and learned some about the trees and plants, it was cool.  A nice day.  Today, just relaxing before we head west tomorrow and into Guatemala
to Tikal (another very famous Mayan Ruins) on Thursday.  So, we're just truckin along.  Love you guys, hope to talk to you all soon, Annie