Dangriga Belize

"The beauty of Dangriga is in its authenticity."

Along the southern coast of Belize you will find the vibrant Garifuna town of Dangriga. This rustic city is the jumping off point to Tobacco Caye and other ocean playgrounds off shore and is where Punta Rock music was fused. Given some time, you can easily attune yourself to the rhythms of this laid back cultural city.

Dangriga boasts a vibrant local market well stocked with anything anyone could need.

Ecotourists can find the Gulisi Garifuna Museum just West of town, several art galleries showcasing the works of the local Garifuna artists.

Drums of our Fathers Monument is at the traffic circle South edge of Dangriga. In the middle of town is Mac's Grocery which has the best bitters in the area. You also can find the offices of the Marie Sharps Fine Foods where you can purchase the wonderful best hot sauce gifts.

On November 19 the sleepy city transforms into party central with the celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day. The cultural festivities start on the 19th (or before) with numerous drumming and dancing exhibitions throughout the town, football (soccer) games, a huge Punta Rock show drawing famous Punta artists from around the world back to their homeland. The hotels fill up but nobody sleeps, the drinking and dancing goes on all night.

Dawn finds the reenact the Garifuna landing of 1832. Canoes paddle up Stan Creek from the open ocean loaded with people, plants and drummers commemorating the landing of the Garifuna people. The festivities are capped off with an afternoon parade showcasing the proud heritage of all involved. This is truly one of the most unique cultural experiences you will find anywhere.

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You can read about Belize Community Development Program which is promoting sustainable global development. The program is a partnership between the University of Arkansas and Peacework.

Tarp covered stand with colorful hammocks displayed in Dangriga belize, home of
Vendor proudly shows his hammock display
Two round drums without tops
Folk painting of Garifuna coming ashore in small boats
Multiple drums sit above a pedestal, home of punta rock
Garifuna man smiles
Balcony with ornate railing, sign says Mac's
Two smiling women.
Small boat filled with Garifuna celebrators.
Polical signs line the fence.