Mopan Mayan Language

Mopan Mayan is spoken in Mayan villages in Belize and Guatemala. There are an estimated 7,000 native speakers in that region.

In this video, German pronounces that words that he learned as a child in Toledo District, Belize.

Mopan Mayan Words YouTube Video.

The Ancient word spoken by the Mopan Mayans and the Kekchi' Mayans was probably a dialect of Cholan, the language of the classic Mayan heartland. This Ancient way of speaking has developed into several distinct languages. Linguistically, the Mopan Mayans language is different and separate from the Kekchi' Mayans. The two groups have different words for such common entities as "sun" and "tortilla". In Mopan Mayan these are "quin" etel "waj", in Kekchi they are "sagej " ut " qwah".

Because of the language differences, and the mixing of the two cultures, most Mayans in the Toledo Belize are tri-lingual in Kekchi', Mopan and English. Many Mayans also speak and understand Spanish and Creole.

Mopan Mayan Words

  • Sun-Quin
  • God-No'ochil
  • Corn- Ixim
  • Beans Bu'ul
  • Pumpkin-Ku'um
  • Chicken- kash
  • Pig- Eke'n
  • Thanks- Bo'tic
  • I am going-Bel in ca'a
  • Come here- Co'on wa'ye
  • Sick-Coha'an
  • Happy- Qui in wo'ol
  • House- Na'j
  • Plants-Puca'al
  • Sky- Ca'an
  • Moon-Uj'
  • Star-Xu'la'ab
  • Sea-Ca'acna'ab
  • River-No'jha
  • Man-Winic
  • Woman-Ixchu'up
  • Old man-No'och winic
  • Old woman-No'ochu'up
  • Girl-Ix'chu'u
  • Please-Bete qui'ilaal
  • Celebration-Qui'ola'al