Na Luum Ca

Mayan Village Cabanas Getting There

From the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City, you can fly to the municipal airport in Punta Gorda on Taco or Maya Island air. Your guide which will be one of my brother will meet you there.

Mopan Mayan Village Cabanas German Sho's Biography

I was much too young to remember moving to Na Luum Ca, I was only months old. But the freedom that I grew up with, seems like the whole big world was mine. After school me and my friends would go in the forest to climb trees and stone birds looking for eggs. Later on I started going to the milpa (milpa is a way of farming natural organic food, without chemicals) with my father and my older brothers. This would be a very exciting time for me. I would not have to stay home. I would be helping with the milpa.

Mayan Home Stay in Belize | Prices and Directions


# 1____ 5 days 6 night $ 220.US/per person to include meals, room, tours, lessons, transportation from junction or municipal airport

Our Dream | Mopan Mayan Family in Belize

Yan in numul meaning "I have a dream" We at Quichpan Luum have many dreams. Our biggest dream is that one day Na Luum Ca Mayan Village of Belize will teach, and our people will learn to read and write in the Mopan Mayan language. There is many people speaking the Mayan language but most people can not read nor write the Mayan language.

But I have a dream that one day there will be a school in Na Luum Ca that teaches the Mayan language. I think it is very important for someone to be educated in their own native language, in order to preserve their native culture and heritage.

Mopan mayan man
Three plywood structures with children playing in the yard in front
Wood leaning against  a thatched house, drying
Small solar collector on a stake in front of a thatched roof
Two Mayan women doing laundry in a river

The Sho Family

It's a very nice tropical day in Na Luum Ca. The birds are singing, everything seems to be peaceful in my family. My father Antonio Sho, my mother Eugenia Paquiul Sho and my eight brothers and two sisters Thomas, Benito, Geraldo, Hilario, Felicita, Carlos, myself German, Melania, Severiano and Placido Sho all live together in Na Luum Ca. My grandmother Otillia Rash Paquiul, my mom's mother, is staying with us now, because my grandfather died and we don't want her to be far from our family.

Mature Mayan man gathering palm frond used in thatch roofing
Mature Mayan woman preparing tea
Two Mopan mayan women making tortillas on an earthen oven
four young Mayan women all in different colored dresses
Mayan man smiling
Mayan man talking