The Sho Family

It's a very nice tropical day in Na Luum Ca. The birds are singing, everything seems to be peaceful in my family. My father Antonio Sho, my mother Eugenia Paquiul Sho and my eight brothers and two sisters Thomas, Benito, Geraldo, Hilario, Felicita, Carlos, myself German, Melania, Severiano and Placido Sho all live together in Na Luum Ca. My grandmother Otillia Rash Paquiul, my mom's mother, is staying with us now, because my grandfather died and we don't want her to be far from our family.

Grandmother is helping out with the housework. She doesn't have to do any work, she chooses to help. This keeps her happy. I feel happy to have Grandma staying with us. Her stories from the past are so realistic and interesting.

There are three houses one belongs to my father and two belongs to my older brothers. Each house has its own kitchen, but the main food is prepared in the main house, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between snacks can be prepared in any one of these three houses.

You may contact German Sho at:
Quich Pan Luum
Na Luum Ca, Punta Gorda, Toledo
Belize, Central America

Telephone 501-664-9419
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute

Mature Mayan man gathering palm frond used in thatch roofing
Mature Mayan woman preparing tea
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