Mayan Homestay Activities

On your Bellize adventure, while staying with our family, you can learn the Mopan Mayan language, tour the rainforest, learn medicinal herbs, skills, culture, traditions. So what is the herb class schedule? It flows naturally throughout the days that you visit, as with all life learning.

All food are organically grown on our milpa style farm. Every thing is fresh to the pot. We make our own hand ground tortillas and harvest our own locally grown poultry. The food is prepared on large wood burning stoves made by my family. Herbs to season the pot are freshly picked from the family garden.

The lifestyle of the Mayan is very basic. Long before the sun rises, the village comes to life. Mother prepares breakfast, and the children get ready for school. Our Father leaves for the milpa while it is still dark. When the school bell rings at 9am, there is a bustle of Mayan children rushing to school. Young men leave to meet their fathers at the milpa while young ladies help their Mother around the home or create handicrafts.

Baskets, bead bracelets, necklaces, fans, embroidery, Mayan blouses, head ties and belts are made. These crafts can be taught to travellers if one wishes. Come and experience Mayan ways.

You may contact German Sho at:
Quich Pan Luum
Na Luum Ca, Punta Gorda, Toledo
Belize, Central America

Telephone 501-664-9419
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute


One young and one white haired Mopan Mayan women sitting on dirt floor by earthe
Neatly stacked husks of corn herb class schedule
Neatly stacked husks of corn herb class schedule
Tightly woven, symetrical basket with fitted top
mayan brothers showing a home made solar dryer filled with hot peppers
bead loop bracelet of various designs