Belize City | Belize

Belize City, Belize offers old world charm. Locals refer to Belize City as just "Belize", which often confuses new travelers.

The city proper has an old world colonial feel to it. You see painted wrought iron railings, archways and everything is just a bit tattered but with a fresh coat of paint.

Colorfully painted caricature looking shops.
Courthouse with arched construction and lacey ironwork railing on its balcony.
Boats in the marina
Flag sign saying Rasta Connection with a map of Africa in red, green and gold
Rasts in front of his shop in Belize City
Beer truck with a caribbean sceen says Belikin, perfect!

Dangriga Belize

"The beauty of Dangriga is in its authenticity."

Along the southern coast of Belize you will find the vibrant Garifuna town of Dangriga. This rustic city is the jumping off point to Tobacco Caye and other ocean playgrounds off shore and is where Punta Rock music was fused. Given some time, you can easily attune yourself to the rhythms of this laid back cultural city.

Dangriga boasts a vibrant local market well stocked with anything anyone could need.

Tarp covered stand with colorful hammocks displayed in Dangriga belize, home of
Vendor proudly shows his hammock display
Two round drums without tops
Folk painting of Garifuna coming ashore in small boats
Multiple drums sit above a pedestal, home of punta rock
Garifuna man smiles
Balcony with ornate railing, sign says Mac's
Two smiling women.
Small boat filled with Garifuna celebrators.
Polical signs line the fence.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Include the beautiful archeological site Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in your Belize travel.

xunauntich mayan ruins
Xunantunich Mayan Ruins with Mayan guide in forefront
Beautiful stone carving at Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Belize Zoo

"Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo."

Belize Zoo keeps only animals that are orphaned, injured, born in the zoo or received as gifts from other zoos.  They keep the environment as natural as possible.  Each animal has its own shady jungle home.

The zoo concentrates on conservation and education of Belizians (especially children) on native animals and their environmental needs.

You can stroll the zoo in a couple of hours, so it can be a quick stop on a journey across country.  It is on the bus route on the Western Highway.

Hand painted sign quotes Gandi
Close up of bird feet
close up of parrot head
Puma resting
Small cat grooming himself
close up of tapir with his nose in the air
large wood stork in jungle setting

Belize Lodging |Trek Stop

In the Cayo District, walking distance to Xunatunich and on the main bus route is The Trek Stop. Run by fellow Michiganders, this comfortable lodging is located in a tropical forest with daily visits from the local howler monkey.

See Dave's Adventure in the Belize Rainforest Surrounding the Trek Stop on YouTubes.

Trek Stop sign, cabins and camping
Wooden cabin with porch and hammock
Clean double bed
Inside composting toilet and sink
9 Hole Frisbee Golf sign

Belize Lodging | Tropical Education Center

I am sitting in this lovely cottage at the Tropical Education Center across the street from the Belize Zoo. It is dawn and I am listening to the 'whoop-da-doos'. They are calling to each other, back and forth across the swamp. The one from afar says, "Hey, whoop-da-doo, whoop-da-do." Then the one that is close answers. I hear a truck on the road. Now I know where the road is.

Two story building
Traveler on walkway to cabin, holding 4 beers
Comfy seat on screened in porch
Pond with lush foliage in every color of green
Large carved wooden warrior head
Table with colorful cloth and flowers

Belize Lodging | Seaside Inn

An affordable and comfortable choice for staying in Belize City is the Seaside Inn. There is a porch overlooking a brilliant view (of the seaside!)
The Inn is well located within a few blocks of the heart of town. Belize or western breakfast is available to order.

Sea Side Guesthouse sign on bottom of Coca-Cola sign
Caribean house with wrap around porch on first and second floors
Walkway and stairs with vines covering one wall
Beautiful sunrise seen with small skiff and palm trees in sillouette