Chichen Itza (Country Mexico, Area Yucatan, City Chichen Itza)

Anne & Ben's Trip Report


Well, we've had a few fun adventures since I wrote to you last.  After spending a few relaxing days on the beach we went to Chichen Itza, a famous Mayan Ruins in Mexico.  It was really beautiful and fairly well preserved, with a huge pyramid that people used to be able to climb.  Unfortunately a few months ago a woman fell down it, so it is closed off now.  There were some really beautiful carvings and columns and buildings.  But, it was so touristy, a tour bus haven, and people trying to sell you stuff constantly.  So much
stuff for $1, one guy said his stuff was cheaper than Walmart. Funny, but a little sad too.  I'm still glad that we went and saw it.