Caving in Lanquin (Country Guatemala, City Lanquin)

Anne & Ben's Trip Report
Hello all,

Well, since I wrote you last we have pretty much been in the same place.  We´re at a lodge in the Highlands in a town called Lanquin called El Retiro.  It takes 2 hours to travel the 61 kilometers (40 miles) to get here on a twisty and then bumpy road.  But it was worth it, it is so beautiful here.  Little thatch roofed cabañas up on stilts on a hill, overlooking a river and surrounded by other hills.  It has a great restaurant with amazing and cheap vegetarian food and an awesome staff.  Tons of cool travelers coming through every day.  Just a very chill atmosphere, and a party in the bar every night.  A place to go swimming and take tubes up the river and then float back to the lodge.  so, we were planning on staying here 2 nights and tonight will be our 5th. 

We´ve been doing some cool stuff around here.  Went to one cave with some really cool formations and swam in the underground lake then watched hundreds of bats fly out of the cave at dusk, pretty cool.  Took the tubes down the river and saw a lot of Mayan people bathing and collecting crabs from the shallow water.  Some of the little boys grabbed onto our tubes and rode down the river a little ways with us.  After letting go, they yelled to me "Adios me amor"!!  Pretty cute. 

Yesterday for Ben´s birthday we went to Semuc Champey, the thing that originally drew us here.  First we went to the Kan-Ba caves and it was so amazing.  There were some cool formations, but the best part was just the tour.  We went into the cave with a great guide just with candles, there were no lights in the caves, he just lit and left candles behind to light our way back to the entrance.  We had to swim with the candles up over our heads for a good part of the ways.  At one point I was a ways behind some of the group and a ways ahead of the rest of the group so that the only light was from my candle, it was so cool.  There were little cascades making the rocks all smooth.  It was so awesome. 

Then we went to Semuc.  it was so beautiful, all these connected pools, deep and so blue with vegetation growing all along the borders of the pools.  Little cascades connecting the pools.  We walked up and up to a huge waterfall.  I can´t even describe it, I´ll have to show the pictures.  So, it was a good birthday for Ben I think.  I got the cook here to bake him some little carrot cake muffins.  It was fun.  And other than that we´ve been swimming, sunning, eating good food, reading and sitting in hammocks, pretty much it´s the life.   Love, Anne