Lakes, Visits and Landslides (Country Guatemala, Area Lago de Atitlan, City San Marcos)

Anne & Ben's Trip Report


Okay, so hello, we spent some very relaxing days in San Marcos, a very small  town on Lago de Atitlan.  We basically went swimming, ate delicious food and did fantastic yoga classes every morning.  Unfortunately, I sprained my wrist or something in one of the classes. I saw a chiropractor yesterday (the only doctor I could find in Antigua on a Saturday, even at the hospital) and he said it  wasn't broken, so that's good news. 

Anyway, we went to the next village over from San Marcos, Tzununa, and visited our friend Terry who we met and stayed with last year.  He is a Canadian and we didn't even know if he would be in the country, but after some hunting we found him and had a nice visit on his beautiful property. 

I don't know if any of you remem ber hearing about huge landslides in Guatemala  last October, but the lago de Atitlan area is  where they happened and  you could really see the damage in Tzununa as well as San Marcos.  Huge trenches just filled with rock, left  over from the rivers of rocks that flowed down the mountain side.  Things looked totally different on the path to Terry's  house and I guess the landslides even changed the course of a waterfall nearby.  Luckily Terry didn't  sustain any damage, but the water rose all around his house and many neighbors lost their homes.  When looking around the lake we could see white strips all over the cliffs and those were all the places the landslides hit, crazy. 

We also got to see our friend Hector who lives in San Marcos who we traveled with a bit last year.  We were lucky, he got home from a 2 month trip 2 days before we left, so we had a good time cooking and talking together.  He had 2 litters of puppies and a litter of kittens at his house, the last thing the community needs, but pretty cute. 

After San Marcos we went to an amazing hotel on the lake called La Casa del Mundo (the house of the world).  It is  this beautiful Spanish style building built on the cliff and overlooking the lake with indigenous art everywhere and terraces, hammocks, little sitting areas and a great place to swim.  It was a very relaxing few days, with delicious food from  their restaurant and a lot of reading and looking at the lake.  They have a wood fired hot  tub and we went in that one night. It was awesome to soak and look at the city lights across the lake and the night fishermen bringing in their nets.  We ran into some friends we met a few weeks ago, so that was fun.