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Information was obtained by someone who was living in the area and was raised in the culture.

Jungle Huts Lodge Dangriga Belize

 Imagine a beautiful sunrise overlooking the Caribbean sea and awe inspiring sunsets overlooking the mountains and valleys of Dangriga. Imagine the possibilities in the Culture Capital of Belize then imagine experiencing all this from the Jungle Huts Resort.

Jungle Huts Lodge Facilities and Prices

Jungle Huts Lodge sets on the banks of the North Stann Creek River in Dangriga,  the cultural capital of Belize. Sixteen rooms are available with private baths, air conditioning and wireless internet service. Some are Cabanas, quaint looking outside, but inside with all the modern comforts. There is a restaurant, bar, patio and courtyard
Prices range from $58.US-$89.US/night.

Location of Jungle Huts Lodge

Dangriga, the Cultural Capital of Belize, is a town of 10,000.
To get to Dangriga from the US, you must first get to Belize. There are direct flights out of Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Los Angles on popular airlines American, Continental, Delta, GROUP TACA, and US Airways.

Mopan Mayan Village Cabanas German Sho's Biography

I was much too young to remember moving to Na Luum Ca, I was only months old. But the freedom that I grew up with, seems like the whole big world was mine. After school me and my friends would go in the forest to climb trees and stone birds looking for eggs. Later on I started going to the milpa (milpa is a way of farming natural organic food, without chemicals) with my father and my older brothers. This would be a very exciting time for me. I would not have to stay home. I would be helping with the milpa.

Mayan Home Stay in Belize | Prices and Directions


# 1____ 5 days 6 night $ 220.US/per person to include meals, room, tours, lessons, transportation from junction or municipal airport