Flora and Fauna

Belize Lodging | Tropical Education Center

I am sitting in this lovely cottage at the Tropical Education Center across the street from the Belize Zoo. It is dawn and I am listening to the 'whoop-da-doos'. They are calling to each other, back and forth across the swamp. The one from afar says, "Hey, whoop-da-doo, whoop-da-do." Then the one that is close answers. I hear a truck on the road. Now I know where the road is.

Two story building
Traveler on walkway to cabin, holding 4 beers
Comfy seat on screened in porch
Pond with lush foliage in every color of green
Large carved wooden warrior head
Table with colorful cloth and flowers

Tikal (Country Guatemala, City Coban)

Anne & Ben's Trip Report

After having a really great visit with friends in Belize we hurried across the border to Guatemala and Tikal.  We went into the park in the afternoon and walked through the ruins for sunset.  It was so beautiful, we climbed to the top of a pyramid that was built in 700 BC and had a view of other temples rising up through the jungle, it was awesome, the white buildings poking out through the tree.  We saw parrots and toucan flying from up there, it was really great.