Mopan Mayan Home Stay | Belize

Now is the time to experience the Mopan Mayan way of life. Our Mayan home stay programs let travellers begin to enjoy the hands-on experience of the Mayan cultures and visit the natural attractions in Na Luum Ca, Belize. Our people are friendly but shy, as travellers is a new industry for us. Each village has it's own unique attractions near, including caves, waterfalls and Mayan ruins.

Mayan grandmother and daughter cooking tortillas with white bearded man hamming
Mopan Mayan man splitting palm fronds to make thatch roof in Belize
Long thatched roof house
Precise log structure to thatched room seen from the inside
Young Mayan woman grinding corn with a hand grinder

Gazeta Kraj nad wisla kazdego dnia Rezygnacja rr

Teraz są owo brednie jeśliby goniłby to ażeby natrafił, jeżeli chciał działać, to ażeby funkcjonowałby.

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Mopan Mayan Language

Mopan Mayan is spoken in Mayan villages in Belize and Guatemala. There are an estimated 7,000 native speakers in that region.

In this video, German pronounces that words that he learned as a child in Toledo District, Belize.

Mopan Mayan Words YouTube Video.